Carpet Beetles

Overview of carpet beetles

Black carpet beetles are a common insect in West Virginia and Maryland and are a pest that feeds on leather, silk, wool and other fibers commonly found in homes and businesses.

What do carpet beetles look like?

  • Measuring 1/8 to 1/4 inch in length, carpet beetles are dark brown to oily-black.

  • Carpet beetle larvae are brown and gold in color and have elongated bodies with a clump of hair located at the narrowest end of their bodies.

Why do I have a carpet beetle problem?

Carpet beetles are attracted to a variety of natural fibers and particles in your structure, including carpets, rugs, furs, silk and leather book bindings. Grains, spices and cereals as well as animal hair and insects also appeal to these pests.

Are they dangerous?

Not harmful to people and pets, but the same cannot be said for items in your home. Carpet beetle infestation will likely result in damages to carpeting, clothing and other items commonly found in homes.

What should I do?

If you’ve noticed damage to fabrics or spotted larvae in the carpeting, contact Ace Exterminators. We are ready to evaluate the infestation, determine if carpet beetles are the pest responsible for the damages inside your home and provide you with a free estimate. Our pest control services for carpet beetles and other types of beetles are highly effective and are the ideal choice for home and business owners in West Virginia and parts of Maryland.

Can I get rid of carpet beetles by myself?

Routine housekeeping may actually help combat carpet beetles as well as laundering clothing in the hottest temperature permitted by fabric. Also hiring a professional rug cleaning company to clean carpeting may help avoid infestation. You can also contact Ace Exterminators at the first sign of carpet beetles.

Is the treatment safe?

We use the minimum amount of the correct treatment designed for a particular type of insect to give you the fastest and best results possible.

Pest prevention tips for carpet beetles

Again, implementing a consistent housekeeping plan is a great way to prevent damages to your rugs and household items by these pests. Vacuuming regularly to remove pet hair and other debris is helpful, as is storing clean clothing in pest-proof containers.